Mountain Climbers Children's Center

Our Philosophy:

Play. Learn. Grow.

Play is the work of young children and provides the foundation for academic success in the future. It is the preparation children need before they learn highly abstract symbols such as letters (symbols for sound) and numbers (symbols for number concepts). Play is the vehicle we use to achieve the key goals of our early childhood curriculum.


Our Mission

Provide a physically and emotionally safe space where all learners can engage with each other and teachers can reflect on best practices and procedures for each age group.

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Our Impact

High quality, early childhood education provides the foundation for children’s academic success, health, and general well-being. In the first five years of life, a child’s brain develops more, and more quickly, than any other time in his or her lifetime. We welcome parents into the classroom to see first hand how the use of play turns into learning. We strive to develop meaningful relationships with parents and community partners to foster the growth and well being of children in our area.




We offer a limited enrollment for infants, ages six weeks to one year old. They have individual schedules that suit their developmental needs including feeding, sleeping and play.



One - Two Year Old Class

We combine one and two year olds to focus on their specific developmental schedule, play activities, and nutritional needs.




We combine three to five year olds that are eager to demonstrate their imagination, and eagerness to learn about the world around them.



NAEYC is a leading voice for high-quality early childhood education supported by diverse, dynamic early childhood profession. Along with Americans of all political, geographic, and demographic backgrounds, we are coming together to demand investments in high-quality early childhood education and early childhood educators, because we know that will make America brighter, stronger, and more competitive.

We follow NAEYC accreditation standards as we prepare to become an accredited educational institution.


On boarding process

Parents enroll their children using an easy-to-use online process and can select custom features to stay active in their child’s well being throughout the day. Within the first two weeks in the classroom, the teacher will complete an Ecomap and Routine Based Interview. These tools begin the foundation of a collaborative relationship with individual families. A developmental screening of the child is completed to provide the teacher with a baseline of learning and possibly identify areas in need of further assessment.


We use Emergent Curriculum which is founded in the teacher learning from her students through careful observation and understanding of Lev Vygotsky’s, “Zone of Proximal Development” (ZPD). The ZPD is defined as what the learner can, and cannot, do without support. Guided by the child’s interests, the teacher will develop a curriculum that provides opportunities to be successful in transitioning from one zone to the other.


We are committed to the health and well being of all children and adults at the center. We aim to use products that meet eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable measures. This includes food, bakeware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, toiletry supplies, paper products, and more. Parents can rest assured all edible and tangible items that their child comes into contact with does no harm to themselves, or the environment.


We work with local vendors that provide fresh, healthy products for our meal plans. All meals will have nutritional value based on state and national regulatory standards. When available, children will participate in creating recipes for the class. This exercise develops fine motor skills, following directions and vocabulary in the kitchen. Appreciation for living a healthy lifestyle is encouraged at home and in the classroom.


September 2019

In addition to providing a protective and enriching environment for children, MCCC serves as a source of support for families.



Early Childhood Education

Early care and education focuses on the unique learning abilities of infants and toddlers, and trains caregivers how to plan appropriate activities, how to use daily routines to bond with infants, and how to provide cognitive stimulation through conversation, interaction, and responsive relationships. Contact us today to observe a classroom and see firsthand how our teachers interact with children.



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Employment opportunities

We are looking for high quality teachers with a passion for early childhood education. If you have the educational background, experience working with children and/or drive to help lead others, apply today!

Volunteer opportunities

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